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Say Goodbye to Paper Tickets

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

ClasTran has stopped issuing new paper tickets to riders, and drivers will no longer accept them after December 31, 2021. Riders may continue to use paper tickets until that date, or they can return their tickets to ClasTran in exchange for fare credits.

Introducing a New Way to Pay

Fare credits are the new, better way to pay. You can load funds on your account, and the one-way fare will be deducted automatically each time you board the bus. Now you don't have to keep up with cash, checks, or tickets to use our service. You literally have nothing to lose.

You have several options to load funds on your account. Call ClasTran at 205-325-8787 and press option 3 to pay using a credit or debit card. (Please note that a 3.5% convenience fee is applied to all credit/debit card transactions.) Mail a check or money order to our PO Box address. Or, visit our office location in 5 Points South to pay with cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card.

To use funds on your account, you only need to board the bus for your scheduled ride. The driver will apply the one-way fare to your balance for you. Upon request the driver can inform you of your current balance, and you may also call ClasTran for credit balance inquiries. We can also provide, upon request, a comprehensive report to show your trip and transaction history.

Of course, riders will still have the option of paying one-way fares directly to the driver each time they board the bus using cash (in exact change), check, or money order. Fare credits are just one more option that we're glad to offer to our riders for added convenience.

If you have any questions about using fare credits or the discontinuation of paper tickets, please contact our administrative office by phone at 205-325-8787 or email at

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