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"Developing Partnerships to Meet the Challenge"


ClasTran seeks to provide accessible, reliable, and affordable public transportation to the communities of Central Alabama. Every day we hear truly amazing stories from our customers about how our service has enriched their lives and enabled them to be more independent.


We are proud to be an integral part of the communities we serve. Every day we work with individuals, small businesses, and non-profits, as well as many public and government agencies who join us as together we all seek to provide increasingly better services to the general public.

This page is dedicated to spreading awareness and information about some of the other public services and helpful resources available in our community.

Links to Resources

The AIDB is the world's most comprehensive education, rehabilitation, and service program serving individuals of all ages who are deaf, blind, deaf-blind, and multi-disabled.

This organization provides low-cost substance abuse treatment and prevention services to individuals and the communities in which they live.

This resource is provided by ALDOT and provides information on public transportation options that exist in your area.

This organization serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families throughout their lifetime through comprehensive and quality programming, advocacy efforts, education, and awareness.

This organization empowers individuals with developmental disabilities and their families through advocacy, coaching, and support to achieve their goals.

This company provides non-emergency medical transportation services in Birmingham, AL for people who are 50 years old or older, parents who need transportation to prenatal appointments, and people who need a ride home after discharge from the hospital.

This company provides non-emergency transportation services in Greater Birmingham and surrounding counties 24/7/365.

This nonprofit empowers people with disabilities to support one another in reaching their own independent living goals and promotes equal access and disability rights through advocacy and public awareness activities.

This nonprofit provides adults and children with special needs the social and recreational activities they require to promote healthy living, support social relationships, improve life skills, and foster community involvement.

This Christian-based nonprofit provides a homeless shelter for men, a shelter for women and children, recovery programs, education remediation, job readiness, and spiritual support.

This faith-based nonprofit provides access to education and tools to help women who are released from prison to re-enter society as productive and esteemed individuals.

This service is provided by the BJCTA and offers complimentary paratransit service to visitors and those who live within the designated service area.

This agency, also known as M4A, specializes in resources, services, and information for older individuals, people who are disabled (regardless of age), and their caregivers.

This company provides non-emergency medical transportation and other services in Jefferson & Shelby counties.

This nonprofit provides innovative services connecting people with disabilities to their communities and empowering individuals to live full and meaningful lives.

This agency assesses the needs of older persons in Jefferson County, distributes funds for the provision of services, implements a wide range of programs, and provides counseling and information about available resources to senior citizens, people with disabilities, and caregivers.

This organization's mission is to increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another and to improve their community.


View current employment opportunities with The City of Vincent.

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