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Owen Thomas

Innovation Manager, ClasTran

Phone: (205) 325-8787 ext. 723


Owen Thomas serves as ClasTran's Innovation Manager, responsible for analyzing complex financial and operational data to aid decision-making and problem-solving, procuring and maintaining IT equipment and software, generating reports and recommendations to aid management with finance and operations, developing standard operating procedures and training for administrative staff and drivers, presenting information to the Board of Directors and other key stakeholders, managing ClasTran's website and social media, marketing and public relations, and many other essential duties, all with the goal of finding new, innovative ways to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.


Owen previously spent nearly a decade working in retail management for companies such as Apple and Bose before joining ClasTran in October 2016, serving as Client Administrative Specialist and Operations Coordinator before taking on his current role in January 2019. Owen earned a bachelor's degree in 2014, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

   — Steve Jobs

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